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Granö Camping Area offers a great location for different activities for example adventure education and Summer camps.

On the area there is:

  • A possibility to nature hiking and overnight staying in a heated room in winter.

  • For beach activities there are rowing boats, kayaks and canoes.

  • A playing field and game equipments for ball games, community activities and adventure activities.

The camp area includes a building with a kitchen, fireplace, gas stove, bunk beds and mattresses for 12 people, oil heater, dishes and dining tables. Dining capacity for approximately 40 people. There is also a sauna in the area. No electricity, but some possibilities by solar power is available.

The area has plenty of places for camping, tents, toilets, drain, and a sauna. There is good and cold  water from a well.


Granö Camping are is located in Sipoo

The City of Helsinki Youth Services Granö camping area is an island located in Sipoo approx. 10 minutes by boat from the small boat harbor in Vuosaari, Vuosaari Gulf.

The groups can arrive to the island independently with their own transportation or if needed the camp area host can take the group to the island. The host is using the boat. At the beach there is a swimming pier, which can be accessed with a bigger boat.

Please inquire the transport possibilities from

Staying over night in Granö

Inside the house can sleep 12 plus 8 in the parlor ( tot. Twenty) people
Check smoke detectors and fire extinguishers locations and functionality
Check out the emergency exit.
Candles and other open flames are prohibited in the house and in the sauna.
When using the grill away from the house of 4 meters.
Gas closed at night the outer side of the cabinet.
Check out the plan of salvation hall wall.

Sweep and wash the floors in the house and in the sauna.
Washing of care.
Sort debris and clean the area.
Do not leave food or drink, or the like.
User empties and cleans the toilet.

Ask for advice and report deficiencies:
tel (+358) 050 5591760 Granö staff